The Best of Kona Whale Watching on a 20 Passenger Boat

Join a naturalist and a small group for a 2.5 to 3-hour whale watching adventure on a 20 passenger high-speed boat along the famed humpback whale migration and breeding grounds of the Kona Coast.

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Whale Tour Summary

Kona Whale Watching Tours till March 16th!

The Kona Coast on the Big Island is famous for whale watching from December through March. What Erica and I love about Hawaiian Adventures is their boat, Those Guys. The USCG 20 passenger certified, 38-foot Delta is ideal for a safe and spacious whale watching adventure. Compared to a large catamaran ship, Those Guys can cover a lot of distance to find whales while being close to the water for those special close encounters. Book directly with Hawaiian Adventures below!

Whale Tour Availability

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Whale Tour Highlights

Reasons to Go Whale Watching With Hawaiian Adventure

We mentioned how much we love their boat but we also love their crews. It will be hard to find a more experienced and knowledgeable Marine Naturalist along the Kona Coast. Their professional naturalists are here to educate, and enhance your experience. With their in-depth knowledge of the diverse marine life here in Hawaii, you’ll leave with a greater understanding of, and respect for, the wildlife you encounter. 

Hawaiian Adventures is proud of its ongoing contributions to research via photo identification. This powerful method has taught us so much about the life history and movements of cetaceans worldwide, and the more data we collect, the more mysteries we unravel.  Be a part of the process, as Hawaiian Adventures collect accurate and meaningful data from each of your encounters to aid ongoing studies.

Departs from Kailua-Kona

10-minutes north of Kailua-Kona, check-in at 247 Kealakehe Parkway, Kailua-Kona (click for directions) See the FAQ below for details.

Professional Photos Available

Let their experienced naturalists capture the very best of your wildlife encounter with their professional camera equipment. Easily downloadable photos available for purchase online the day after your adventure.

Listen to Whale Songs

The humpback breeding season is one of the few opportunities to experience the symphony of humpback whale songs. There is nothing quite like listening to the music of the whales.



Choose the Tour For You

Up to 3 tours are available daily. See the calendar above for available days and book early as they fill up!

Comfortable Seating

Enjoy the wind and sun protection that the shaded cabin provides, or soak up the sun on the open sundeck, with comfortable and spacious seating options throughout.

Onboard Restroom

Onboard private restroom, an appreciated added amenity on small-group tours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the Details on Whale Watching

Please note the cancellation policy allows for cancellation up to 24 hours in advance of departure for groups up to 10 and 48 hours in advance for groups larger than 10. Cancellations are subject to a $5 fee per person to cover merchant service charges.

Public whale watching trips are not recommended for children under the age of six, and not suitable for children under the age of three. As a parent, you know your child, and their attention span, better than we do. If they are within the recommended age limit, excited by marine life, and up for an adventure on the open ocean, this could be the experience of a lifetime for them. When making the decision for your family, please consider the experience of your fellow passengers, as this will be an intimate group setting.

How do I get to the whale tour check-in location?

We recommend arriving 30 minutes prior to your tour. All guests need to meet at the white Hawaiian Adventures Kona truck near the restrooms with the red roof, 15 minutes prior to departure. There’s no need to print off email confirmations or tickets –– they’ll check you in electronically with the last name on your reservation!

Check-In Address:

247 Kealakehe Parkway
Kailua-Kona, HI, 96740, United States

Big Island Kona Whale Tour Directions Map

What does the marine naturalist do onboard?

Their professional naturalists are here to educate and enhance your experience. With their in-depth knowledge of the diverse marine life here in Hawaii, you’ll leave with a greater understanding of, and respect for, the wildlife you encounter. 

Can I bring a good camera?

Absolutely! Bring a GoPro or another suitable water camera with a selfie stick to get underwater shots. You can also bring your fancy camera but there may be light spray so make sure you can keep it dry.

Is the whale viewing better in the morning or the afternoon?

The whales are not on a sleep cycle like us or behavior cycles. There is no statistical evidence that viewing them is better per time of day. Erica and I prefer the morning and sunset tours as it is cooler out on the water.

Do you provide transport from my hotel or condo?

While staying on the island, you will probably find it cheaper and more convenient to rent a car. Otherwise, there are a number of taxi companies and Uber and Lyft that can assist you.

What do I bring on the whale watching trip?

Bring a hat, sunglasses and a camera! Remember to apply sunscreen before the tour!

Layers: For your comfort, we recommend bringing layers to protect against both the sun or a chill. They want your focus to be on the incredible wildlife encounters, not your body temperature.

Will I get seasick?

If you’re prone to motion sickness, we recommend taking motion-sickness medication the night before your tour and one hour before your scheduled departure.

Are the boat covered?

Yes, there is a cabin with plenty of shade and seats. See the picture above!


A Local Company

A third-generation whale watching family, the Aggergaard’s have built a reputation for running professional, high-quality wildlife tours. They understand that there is an art to running well-rounded, fun, and memorable trips, and it is their dedication to their craft that has set them apart. They also understand that as professional whale watching operators, they are in a unique position to be the “eyes-on-the-water” for researchers, collecting data that might otherwise be lost. Utilizing professional-grade cameras, photo identification guides, and SPOT transmitters, each whale encounter is meticulously documented for later use by cetacean researchers.

We are affiliate partners with Hawaiian Adventures which means we receive a small commission for each completed booking made through this site. This is done without any additional cost to you. You can read more about our affiliate policies here. Know that we only recommend tour operators that we know and trust. Your positive experience and your trust in us mean more than any affiliate commission. By booking tours through our website you help us to provide free information and videos to help you and other readers plan their perfect Hawaii vacation. Thank you so much for your support — you are amazing!