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Erica is a planner. Be it a weekend adventure on Maui or a trip to Kauai, she knows how to best maximize our time, enjoyment, and travel dollars. After over 50 trips to the Hawaiian islands and now living here, we’ve been on some amazing tours and some “meh” tours.


We don’t want you to go on a “meh” tour.


That is why we share our favorite activities, itineraries, tours, and travel gear here. If we recommend an activity, that means we have done it, tested it, ensured others liked it, and that it maintains good reviews.


Keep in mind, however, these may not be the most luxurious tours or high-end travel gear. We love a good deal as much as traveling.


Our goal is to make your trip to Hawaii affordable while making it memorable. Fabulously memorable.


If you want to shop around or find a lower-cost operator, then a good place to search for more tours for the lowest prices is the price comparison website Hawaii Activities.


Residents of Hawaii welcome visitors to the islands while seeking to preserve the natural beauty of the islands. Therefore, we heavily weight eco-friendly operators and equipment in our endorsements. Minimizing our impact on the environment is smart traveling.

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The Hawaii Vacation Guide Erica Jordan Henry About Us

Hello, we are Erica and Jordan. Maui is where we call home but we love all the Hawaiian Islands. With our toddler Henry and our quirky dog Hattie we explore the islands and share our favorite experiences. A vacation to Hawaii is a trip of a lifetime. We want your trip to be just that.


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