Hoe Wa’a (Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Paddle)

Experience Hawaii with an authentic outrigger canoe paddle to Na Mokulua island with a local waterman.

Kailua Ocean Adventure Outrigger Canoe Tour

Outrigger Canoe Summary

Outrigger Canoeing and So Much More

Jump into a Hawaiian outrigger canoe (wa’a) with a local waterman to leave Waikiki far behind. Along the way, you will learn the Hawaiian and Polynesian voyaging history, explore the coral reefs with honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles) and other native marine life, and walk Na Mokulua bird-sanctuary. On the way back, expect to catch some waves for outrigger canoe surfing.

Get the Facts

Outrigger Canoe Adventure from Kailua

Explore Kailua with local watermen on the wa’a (canoe) as they share the history and cultural significance of canoeing on the Hawaiian and Polynesian Cultures. Paddle the clear waters of Kailua as we journey to explore offshore islets of Na Mokulua, two private wildlife sanctuary islands.

The tour leaves from the beautiful Kailua Beach. Local guides direct you as you get to partake in a true Hawaiian hands-on experience. A paddling adventure like no other. Experience the openness of the Hawaii waters along the way is truly amazing!

During the paddling adventure, you will be given the opportunity to explore the ecosystem as you paddle through the glistening, clear coral reefs of Kailua with honu (sea turtles) and other native sea life. While on the islands enjoy the views of the Ko’olau range surrounding us as local watermen tell the mo’olelo (stories) of the rich history of the region. Explore and learn about the many native inhabitants that call the Mokuluas home.

On the ride back, you’ll have the unique opportunity to catch some waves on the canoe and surf Hawaiian style; an original favorite pastime of Hawaiians.

Starts at Kailua Beach

Your canoe adventure leaves from Kailua Beach in Kailua Town, the windward side of Oahu. Click for directions.

Ages 3+

For ages 3 and over (my 72-year-old dad enjoyed his outrigger canoe trip!)

Talk Story

Paddle out to the Mokes and explore one island as watermen tell the mo’olelo (stories) of the rich history of the region, and surf waves on the way back


3-Hour Tour

3-hour tour with trips leaving in the morning and close to noon

Bring a Camera

Grab your waterproof camera to capture the action and the views. Especially if a turtle swims by the canoe.

Be Part of the Canoe Team

Paddling is required and you will get wet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Outrigger Canoe Tour Details

Please note the cancellation policy below. High winds and rough surf may cause a trip cancellation, Kailua Ocean Adventures will contact you. 

A canoe can hold 6 guests. Larger groups will be split between canoes.

What is the cancellation policy?

Customers will receive a full refund with 48 hours notice of cancellation.

Do they provide hotel or condo pickup?

Afraid not. You must provide your own transport to Kailua Beach. Parking is available at the beach but arrive early to make sure you can find a spot.


A Local Company

Kailua Ocean Adventure is a local Oahu company with values rooted in Hawaiian culture – ohana (family), kuleana (balancing what we give and take from the earth), and aloha ‘aina (preserve the land and sea).

They strive to provide an authentic experience, both culturally and historically, based on the use of the wa’a (canoe) and its roots in Polynesian culture. Immerse yourself in the Hawaiian waterman culture through their stories and exploring the waters of Kailua Bay.

They partner with non-profits and after-school programs by offering their resources and time to mentor keiki on the ocean and as our future caretakers of the islands.

We are affiliate partners with Kailua Ocean Adventures which means we receive a small commission for each completed booking made through this site. This is done without any additional cost to you. You can read more about our affiliate policies here. Know that we only recommend tour operators that we know and trust. Your positive experience and your trust in us mean more than any affiliate commission. By booking tours through our website you help us to provide free information and videos to help you and other readers plan their perfect Hawaii vacation. Thank you so much for your support — you are amazing!