Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Tour

Sail Kailua Bay to the Mokes as a Hawaiian, on an authentic Hawaiian sailing canoe.

Summary: Sail beautiful Kailua on a Waʻa Peʻa (Hawaiian Sailing Canoe); a cultural craft designed and used by the Hawaiians to navigate and sail the ocean. Join local watermen, learning about the history and cultural significance of the canoe and Kailua to the Hawaiian and Polynesian people, as you journey to offshore islets. It’s a Hawaiian experience unlike any other!

Tour Highlights

  • 3-hour tour with trips leaving in the morning and close to noon
  • A sailing canoe our outrigger canoe tour is our favorite way to experience and learn some Hawaiian culture
  • Sail out to the Mokes, explore the island, watermen tell the mo’olelo (stories) of the rich history of the region, and surf waves on the way back
  • Leaves from Kailua Beach on the windward coast of Oahu (35-minutes from Waikiki)
  • For ages 3 and over
  • The sailing canoe can hold 6 people.
  • High winds and rough surf may cause a trip cancellation, Kailua Adventures will contact you
  • Paddling is required
  • You will get wet


About Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Tour

During the tour, explore the ecosystem as you move through the glistening, clear coral reefs of Kailua with honu (sea turtles) and other native species of fish. Enjoy the views of the Ko’olau range surrounding you as the watermen tell the mo’olelo (stories) of various Ahupua’a (land divisions) that make up Kailua and the Ka Iwi coastline. View and learn of the indigenous seabirds, such as ‘Iwa (Great Frigate) and ‘Ua‘u kani (Wedge-tail Shearwater), that call the sanctuary island home.

Details to Know for Your Trip

The tour includes bottled water. Remember to bring sunscreen, sun-protective clothing, and snacks. Snorkel equipment is not provided but you may bring your own as there is time to snorkel on the island. They will ask for your weight prior to the trip and for you to sign a liability waiver.

Arrive early to secure parking at Kailua Beach Park.

While canoe sailing is a relaxing experience, expect to get wet on the tour as you push the canoe into the water and get splashed while paddling and sailing. All participants are expected to paddle as canoe sailing is a team activity!


Kailua Ocean Adventure Canoe Sailing

About Kailua Ocean Adventure

Kailua Ocean Adventure is a local Oahu company with values rooted in Hawaiian culture – ohana (family), kuleana (balancing what we give and take from the earth), and aloha ‘aina (preserve the land and sea).

They strive to provide an authentic experience, both culturally and historically, based on the use of the wa’a (canoe) and its roots in Polynesian culture. Immerse yourself in the Hawaiian waterman culture through their stories and exploring the waters of Kailua Bay.

They partner with non-profits and after-school programs by offering their resources and time to mentor keiki on the ocean and as our future caretakers of the islands.

Book online directly with Kailua Ocean Adventure by using this link.


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