Two Tank Shallow Reef Boat Dive Offshore Waikiki

Explore Hawai’i’s reefs as they were meant to be explored with Banzai Divers Hawaii boat SCUBA diving tour.

Summary: A diving tour that is perfect for all experience levels, let Banzai Divers Hawaii give you a tour of Oahu’s best reefs. Have fun!

Reef Boat Dive Highlights

  • 4-hour duration
  • For ages 10 and above
  • Find rare and colorful marine life
  • Dive sites are on the south shore, west of Ko Olina to Waikiki
  • You will be personally supervised under the safest conditions
  • SCUBA diving tour for all experienced levels
  • Dive site chosen each day based on ocean conditions, see the list below

Reef SCUBA Diving Tour Details

Oahu is part of the most isolated chain of islands in the world! This means that as much as 30 percent of the marine life you’ll see on Oahu’s reefs cannot be found anywhere else on earth! Aside from this, Hawaii reefs are known for their variety of colorful hard corals such as lobe, cauliflower, antler, brain, and mushroom. Don’t miss the small stuff! While everyone can appreciate massive turtles and other large pelagic animals, Banzai Divers Hawaii stress the importance of the little guys. Their guides are known around the island for finding things other miss such as rare and colorful nudibranchs (sea slugs), frogfish, fluorescent shrimp, camouflage octopus, and more!

Reef Boat Dive FAQ

A big note here, the location is seasonal. The instructor will pick the best location on the island based on weather and water conditions. They will message, call, and/or email you to communicate the location. Follow a GPS map to find the dive location and leave plenty of time for traffic, getting lost on accident, and finding parking.

Call or message their dive experts to check on current or future diving conditions and locations at 808-462-8290. But come back here to book the trip as that helps us out! Mahalo!

What is Included in Your SCUBA Dive

  • Instructor
  • Equipment
  • Snacks and drinks

What to Bring for Your Dive

  • Swimwear
  • Towels
  • Reef Safe Sunscreen (sunscreen must not have oxybenzone and octinoxate)

Oahu Dive Locations

Banzai Divers Hawaii visit all the spots that make Hawaii famous for SCUBA diving. Below is a list of the spots they may take you on their tour. They will take requests if they agree the conditions are good.

  • Stars on the west side, 25 to 60 feet
  • Ewa Reef west of Pearl Harbor, 50 to 80 feet
  • Horseshoe Reef outside of Honolulu, 40 to 65 feet
  • Super Mario World outside of Honolulu, 35 to 45 feet
  • Kewalo Pipe outside of Honolulu, 15 to 60 feet
  • Nautilus outside of Honolulu, 30 to 40 feet
  • Turtle Town outside of Waikiki, 30 to 40 feet
  • Turtle Canyon outside of Waikiki, 15 to 30 feet
  • Rainbow Reef outside of Waikiki, 23 to 65 feet

Best Time to Dive on Oahu

There is no bad season for diving on Oahu. However, the diving locations vary based on seasonal conditions, one side of the island may be better than the other depending on the time of year. Banzai Divers Hawaii are always evaluating weather and surf to endure the best conditions possible! Call or message their dive experts to check on current or future diving conditions and locations at 808-462-8290. But come back here to book the trip as that helps us out! Mahalo!

Boat Reef Dive Oahu Waikiki Banzai Divers Hawaii

About Banzai Divers Hawaii and Devin Erickson

I’ll let the owner of the company share his story!

Aloha, my name is Devin Erickson. I was born and raised in Kansas which is about as far from the ocean as you can get. I learned to Dive in a murky lake with my dad when I was 12 years old. Shortly after we took a trip to Jamaica and the warm clear seas and abundant marine life sealed the deal. I was hooked and I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

After high school, I moved to Hawaii with my girlfriend with a couple of swimsuits and a dream. I wanted to be a dive instructor and share my passion for the ocean with other divers! After passing my instructor exams I worked for several shops learning all the ins and outs of diving in Hawaii.

Something was missing though. Too many dive companies came to take advantage of the heavy traffic of our island visitors and put too many people in a group with little regard for a customer experience and sometimes even safety. I had a new goal. I would create a small diving company that focused on small, personable groups where divers would be treated like old friends and I would get to share my love for Hawaiian diving. 10 years and 10,000 dives later…

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