The Ultimate Guide to Whale Watching on Maui

So you want to go whale watching...

And now you need to know when, where, how, how much, what to bring, and what you'll see.  We have you covered for all of that... and more!

When should I go?

There are actually 3 parts to this question: When is whale watching season? When in my trip? What time of day?

When should I go?

When is whale watching season? Whales migrate to Hawaii mid-December through May, and peak season is January through March

When should I go?

When should I book a tour? Most whale watching tours offer guaranteed sightings, meaning you'll get another tour if you don't see whales on your first one. So you'll want to book a tour early in your trip.

When should I go?

What time of day? Whales are not more or less active during any time of day, but early morning will be the most comfortable as it does get hot out on the open waters.

Can I see whales from any Hawaiian island?

While you can see them from any of the islands, whales love the warm, shallow waters of the Auau channel, making Maui the best island for whale watching

Can I watch whales from shore?

You can spot whales from the shore on the leeward (west) side of Maui.  Swipe up for the best places to see whales from Kaanapali to Wailea.

What kind of tours are there?

There are 5 different types of whale watching tours you can take from large group experiences on a catamaran to taking a kayak out on the open ocean.

What kind of tours are there?

Swipe up to learn more about each type of tour, its vessel, and what to expect.

How much do tours cost?

For larger boats with discounts you can get on a tour for less than $50 per person. For smaller boats and a more intimate experience, it'll be closer to $100+ per person.

What are the best tours on Maui?

There are so many whale watching tours on Maui it can feel impossible to decide which one to take, so we've handpicked our favorites. Swipe up for the best tours and discounts on your bookings!

What should I bring on a tour?

- Reef safe sunscreen - Sunglasses & hat - Light jacket - Towel - Camera/Go Pro - Binoculars - Sea sickness meds 

Can kids go on the tours?

Yes, kids are welcome on tours! Check with the tour you want to book beforehand as they'll each have a minimum age.

What will I see?

There are so many incredible things to look out for when you go whale watching! To name a few...

What will I see?

Mugging: this is when a whale approaches a boat to take a closer look.

What will I see?

Breaching: this is when a whale launches itself out of the water, coming down with a huge splash!

What will I see?

Tail Slapping: this is when a whale raises its tail above the surface and slaps the water with a loud bang!

What will I see?

And more! Be sure to swipe up for a full list of what you can expect and the why behind it.

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