Aloha! We’re Erica & Jordan.

When we moved to Maui (and our friends started asking for travel advice), we realized that there wasn’t one great resource we could point them to. So, we set out to create it. With our two kids and our dog in tow, we take you on our family adventures exploring the islands and help you get the best information to plan your dream Hawaii vacation. 

We share everything we learn about vacationing in Hawaii from first-hand experience. When not editing videos or writing articles, we spend our days trying out new restaurants, going on new tours, and separating the great experiences from the so-so experiences. Because if you’re coming to Hawaii, you definitely don’t want a so-so experience. 

We help you plan your vacation with the content on this site, videos on our Youtube channel, and with our award winning itineraries

Ok, fine. They may not have won any awards, but people do *love* them. 

We appreciate that you trust our opinions. We won’t let you down!


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