“Thank you guys so much! We are here on Maui and the family guide I purchased from you was perfect!!! We are having a blast!”

This is not a guide book.

It’s better. It’s a step-by-step plan to take you on excursion days to the best sights on the island. For each excursion day we lay out the route, what to pack, and what reservations to make in advance, so you can enjoy your day stress-free. 

Head confidently on your vacation knowing that we’ve done the heavy lifting of vetting everything in advance. We give you a list of our favorite places to stay, the best restaurants (so you don’t endure a bad, overpriced meal), and all of the best things to do and see. We tell you when (and how) to make reservations for things like Haleakala sunrise and the famous black sand beach. 

But maybe the best part? We send out updated itineraries quarterly and you’ll have access to all updates for 11 months post-purchase.

“We bought the wayfinder itinerary from The Hawaii Vacation Guide. Highly recommend — super organized daily plans for every part of the island. Even includes google map directions to the best parking spots and what to pack for each day of fun!”


(Laura M., Instagram review)

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Kauai Itinerary


why buy our itineraries?


We’ve done the hard work for you. Living in Hawaii, we’ve spent thousands of hours (and thousands of dollars) exploring and curating the best experiences. And now we’re sharing it with you. 


  • Get to know the island before you visit with our video guide that walks you through all of the important, must-know details
  • Know when (and where) to make reservations, so you’ll arrive to your destination with the most important things booked
  • Save time (and money) because our itineraries include only the best stops, restaurants, and tours
  • See the best spots. Whether you’re looking for the best beaches, best restaurants, best tours, or a step-by-step guide taking you on an amazing day out, we have you covered

Island Overview Video

We take you on a tour of the island hightlighting what to expect from each excursion day

Excursion Days

Field tested days taking you on a pre-planned route to explore a specific part of the island

Quick Hits Section

Easily reference the best beaches, snorkeling spots, and restaurants in a specific location

Quarterly Updates

Get an updated itinerary emailed to you QUARTERLY for 11 months post-purchase.

Hear from happy travelers

I just wanted you to know that my family and I purchased the Maui itinerary and we are wrapping up 12 days on the island. We did so much of what you recommended and it was awesome for everyone. We have three college-age kids and everybody enjoyed the things you suggested, including the restaurants. Thanks for all of the work that you put into this. Mahalo.

– Gunnar A. 

Just want to say thank y’all for putting together the Oahu & Maui itineraries. Our family had a great trip to Hawaii due to having those itineraries handy anytime during the day and we all had an amazing time.

– Tony R. 

Just wanted to thank you for the awesome itinerary you have put together. We just got back form our 10 day Maui trip & it was such a great help to my family. We saw and experienced so much. Thank you for putting all of this fantastic travel information out there! For this travel research nerd, I sure do appreciate it!

– Nicole

Itinerary FAQs

How is this different from a guide book?
A guide book goes in-depth on a certain destination — you read it, research, and then formulate your vacation plan. Our itinerary is different. It starts with a 12 (ish) minute video to help you understand your way around the island, where things are located, and what experiences are available.

Then we map our excursion days. These days take you on a carefully planned out route to one part of the island, making stops for meals, beaches, and places of interest. Each excursion day has an overview page with links to Google maps directions, what to pack for the day out, and any reservations that need to be made it advance.

Finally, we end with a “Quick Hits” section meant to be a quick reference guide for anytime you’re not doing an excursion day. Quickly locate the best beaches, snorkeling spots, and restaurants near you so you always have a trusted recommendation.

And, for as long as Hawaii’s travel quarantine stays in place, we have 2 video walkthroughs to help you navigate the process of securing a quarantine exemption.

This itinerary is meant to save you time while trip planning and help you make the most of your limited vacation time.

Should I buy this now or closer to my trip?
Unlike a guide book we publish regular updates. With so many things changing, we want to give you the most up to date information to have a great trip. These itineraries are reviewed and updated quarterly. Once you purchase an itinerary, you’ll have access to all updates for the next 11 months.
Is this just full of paid activities?
Nope. 80% of the excursion days are free activities or restaurants. We do mention some tours or sights with a paid entrance fee, but we keep those to a minimum (and only include the best).
Do you offer custom trip planning?
Unfortunately, we do not. But we do have a full website (here!) and Youtube channel dedicated to giving you the best information possible.
I love your Youtube channel. Can’t I find all of this there?
Not really. You can find some things on the Youtube channel, but we share some places we haven’t shared before. And we put it together in a way that makes sense for your vacation. Easy to follow plans for the day with no backtracking.
Is this a physical itinerary? Digital? How do I use it?
This is a digital product. Minutes after purchasing, a link to download the itinerary will be sent to your email. You can print it, but we suggest downloading it to your computer and your phone. There are a number of hyperlinks in the itinerary to link you to directions, restaurant websites, and activity operators. So it’s much easier to use it digitally!

While you’re in Hawaii, the best way to use it is to have it downloaded on your phone. It’ll make it easy to follow excursion days. And on days when you’re not following an excursion day, you can use the “Quick Hits” section to quickly find the best beaches and restaurants near you.

Anything else I should know?
Small businesses and the local economy are hurting. We tried to highlight as many small businesses as we could, to get you naturally shopping and eating small. Come out with an appreciation for these beautiful islands and the people who live here, support local businesses, and tread lightly on the environment. You’re going to have a great time.

About the Hawaii Vacation Guide

We’re Erica & Jordan and we live on Maui. We love bringing the best information to travelers while supporting local businesses. For the past two years, we’ve carefully vetted locations, determined optimal routes, and tried the best restaurants in Hawaii to make these itineraries as helpful as possible.

We run this site as well as the largest Hawaii focused YouTube channel