Discount Hawaii Car Rental 

Discount Hawaii Car Rental is the place we go whenever we visit a neighboring island. We get the best deals with our rental car because this is a comparison car rental website specializing in Hawaii.

It is similar to Kayak, Hipmunk, Orbitz, and other travel comparison sites but for a reason unknown to us, they are a lot cheaper. A lot.

We saved $300 over the New Year’s holiday when we visited the Big Island compared to the other comparison rental car sites.

You can shop for the car you want with all the major, national car rental brands.

After being in business for 19 years in Hawaii, they know what visitors want. They offer no prepayment, no cancellation charge, and they guarantee reservations.

They have a one-click “Get the Best Wrangler Rate” option. I know you want to drive around Hawaii Jurassic Park style.

If you decide to rent a car, Discount Hawaii Car Rental will get you the lowest price.

Click here to compare rental car prices on Discount Hawaii Car Rental.

Local Rental Car Companies

Renting from a local rental car company is a great way to support local businesses or to rent something unique, like a lifted Jeep full of beach gear (Big Island Jeep Rental). Here are some popular rental car companies on each of the islands. Most provide airport pickup and dropoff or they will leave the car at the airport for you. Explore their websites for more information and call them if you have any questions as they are eager to help get you into a rental car for your Hawaii vacation. We are not partners with the listed local rental car companies.

You can also rent from a local family or small business using Turo. Turo is the Airbnb for rental cars (rent from a local host who is sharing their car). We rented from Izzi on the Big Island when we needed a minivan and saved about $150 for a 10-day rental compared to a national car rental brand and the van was in great shape.

Oahu Local Rental Cars

Maui Local Rental Cars

Island of Hawaii (Big Island) Local Rental Cars

Kauai Local Rental Cars

Uber & Lyft

Rideshare is available on Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island. Lanai and Molokai are too small to support ridesharing (have cash and call a taxi). Lanai does have Uber Don so you can look for him on the app or find him and other shuttle companies at Manele Small Boat Harbor where the ferry drops off.

More and more people are foregoing rental cars to use Uber or Lyft when visiting the islands. If you don’t plan on doing a lot of activities far from your hotel, then not renting a car will most likely be cheaper. Especially when you factor in parking fees at your hotel and high gas prices.

For example, Uber drivers on the west side of Maui do the Kaanapali-Lahaina loop all day as they ferry non-rental car visitors from the resorts to Lahaina town shopping and restaurants.

Moped Rentals

Renting a moped isn’t as crazy as it sounds. If you are looking for a well-priced way to get around your local area then try a scooter. A 50cc scooter doesn’t require a motorcycle license. Stay on the shoulder, wear the provided helmet, and enjoy the warm wind on your face.

For example, around Kihei, Wailea, and Ka’anapali on Maui a scooter is a great way to tour the coast for beaches, hiking, and snorkeling spots. We like Tiki Scooter and 808 Mopeds in Lahaina and Maui Scooter Shack in Kihei.

Airlines to the Islands

All major airlines service the Hawaiian Islands. You can find the most direct flight options to Honolulu (HNL). Maui (Kahului Airport (OGG) has the second most direct flight options from the mainland.

The best-value airlines that fly to Hawaii are Alaska Airlines, Southwest, and Hawaiian Airlines. Southwest made a big splash a few years ago when they started flying to Hawaii. They offered some amazing deals but now they are all comparable in price so shop around.

If you want to feel like you arrived in Hawaii when you board your flight, then go with Hawaiian Airlines. The Hawaiian mele (music), service, and refreshments will make you feel like you are in paradise.

Check out this oldie but goodie video from us on finding cheap flights to Hawaii: How to Get A Cheap Ticket to Hawaii in 5 Steps

Inter-Island Airlines

Are you planning island-hopping during your Hawaii vacation? There are no ferries between the major islands so you will have to fly or charter an outrigger canoe (just kidding).

The best airlines for island-hopping are Hawaiian Airlines and Southwest. They have the best fares and most frequent flights. They go to all the islands.

Check out this article on advice for island-hopping around Hawaii.

Should You Rent a Car for Your Hawaii Vacation?

If you are uncertain about renting a car or have questions, then watch our video below. This video is about renting a car on Maui but if you are visiting Oahu, Kauai, or the Big Island then don’t sweat it as the same advice applies. Oahu is the easiest island to get around without a car, see our Oahu No Rental Car Challenge video and then explore our free 7-Day Oahu Itinerary Without a Rental Car for details.