Maui Wayfinder Itinerary


The Maui itinerary isn’t a guidebook, it’s better. It’s a step-by-step itinerary that takes you to all the best beaches, snorkeling spots, restaurants, and sights. There are 7+ excursion days that take you all over the island: from the great snorkeling on the west side to upcountry and the slopes of Haleakala. The guide takes you step-by-step on a planned route with a link to Google Maps driving directions so you can just get in your car and go.

How It Works


After you complete your purchase, the itinerary will be sent via email. You can download it on any device!


Watch our overview video, decide on your excursion days, and make your reservations. (We point these out!)


Save the itinerary to your phone. You can take it with you on the go to reference any time during your trip!

Your adventures in MAUI await!

Frequently Asked Questions

A guidebook goes in-depth on a certain destination — you read it, research it, and then formulate your vacation plan. Our itinerary is different.

It starts with a 12 (ish) minute video to help you understand your way around the island, where things are located, and what experiences are available. Then we map our excursion days.

These days take you on a carefully planned route to one part of the island, making stops for meals, beaches, and places of interest. Each excursion day has an overview page with links to Google maps directions, what to pack for the day out, and any reservations that need to be made in advance.

This itinerary is meant to save you time while trip planning and help you make the most of your limited vacation time.

Honestly, now. Unlike a guidebook, we publish regular updates. With so many things changing, we want to give you the most up-to-date information to have a great trip. These itineraries are reviewed and updated quarterly. Once you purchase an itinerary, you’ll have access to the itinerary and all updates for the next 11 months.

This is a digital product. Minutes after purchasing, a link to download the itinerary will be sent to your email. You can print it, but we suggest downloading it to your computer and your phone. There are a number of hyperlinks in the itinerary to link you to directions, restaurant websites, and activity operators. So it’s much easier to use it digitally!

Unfortunately, we do not. But we. do have a full website (here!) and youtube channel dedicated to giving you the best information possible.