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Oahu Wayfinder Itinerary


Our classic itinerary The Wayfinder will share excursions, activities, destinations, and restaurants that will appeal to everyone. With it you'll get seven carefully planned excursion days to help you see the can't miss stops no matter how limited your time is. You'll also receive two videos: one to get to know the island before you get there and another to walk you through the COVID-19 Pre-Travel Testing Program. Plus, you'll get a list of our favorite restaurants, beaches, and activities organized by area (Waikiki, Ko Olina, and North Shore). And everything is simple with click-and-go directions and reservation bookings.

With one download, your dream Hawaii vacation is planned.

Sample Pages

Oahu Wayfinder Itinerary Table of Contents
Oahu Wayfinder Itinerary Welcome Message
Oahu Wayfinder Itinerary Pre-Travel Testing How-To Video
Oahu Wayfinder Itinerary Oahu Guide Video
Oahu Wayfinder Itinerary Windward Kailua Day
Oahu Wayfinder Itinerary Windward Kailua Overview
Oahu Wayfinder Itinerary Windward Kailua Summary
Oahu Wayfinder Itinerary Windward Kailua In-Depth

I just purchased the Oahu Travel Itinerary from your website and it is AMAZING!! Going to make my life so much easier when planning our trip to Hawaii.

Laura S.

We just did an awesome week on Oahu! We bought the guide, and I HIGHLY recommend it. Erica and Jordan really laid out great days that we actually followed! We did 3 days of their recommendations. Spot on for all of it.

Melissa M.

Just finished two weeks 8 in Maui and 6 days in Oahu. Followed your channel and your travel itinerary to the T. Hiker with a toddler who is almost 3 in a backpack. Koko head 💪🏼, Waihe'e ridge 💪🏼💪🏼 Loved it. Can’t wait to come back.

Sai G.

I dreamed of going to Hawaii for a long time and did tons of reading and research to help plan my vacation. Then I came across Erica & Jordan’s website and was hooked. They offered so much good advice and seemed like genuine experts on the islands. At first, I thought I’d just use all of the free information they offered, but then I couldn’t resist ordering the O’ahu Wayfinder Itinerary. It was so inexpensive and offered so many different options. I really liked how it was set up with ideas for different parts of the island on different days. I am a bit of a crazy over planner when it comes to vacations, and this guide helped me focus on some really top notch options. We never followed a daily excursion plan exactly, but that’s also why I appreciated their scheduled stops, along with alternative stops. It was also handy to have the links with directions to each location right in the itinerary. I used them daily as we traveled around the island. At the start of the guide, they also offered a really in depth, easy to understand overview of the required Covid Testing Program. This was really helpful and eased some of my worries about what was required to travel during this time. Thank you, Erica & Jordan for the wonderful vacation tips! I hope to be able to travel to another island some time in the future and will definitely use your guide again!

Sue C.

I've been to Oahu well over a dozen times and never knew half of what you all cover. We are so thrilled.

Steve B.

My wife and I purchased and used their guide for Oahu back in April of this year. It was honestly fantastic. On our future trips to Hawaii we plan to purchase their other guides as well. Just wanted to say it was worth it and it helped us, if anyone was on the fence.

Jonathan W.