Shortcut Your Trip Planning

Three steps that will make you stop surfing (the web), close the Excel sheet, and plan your Hawaii trip
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1. Quiz: Which Hawaiian Island to Visit (and video!)

What Hawaiian island is right for you? We have you covered! Try a hand at our Which Hawaiian Island to Visit Quiz to find your rightful place in the Hawaiian archipelago.

2. Hawaiian Island Guides

Let our island guides get you comfortable with the island that was right for you, or check them all out. Best beaches, island facts, where to stay, how to get around, and the best articles are found here.

3. Hawaii in Your Inbox

Let the Hawaii trip planning come to you. We will email you twice a month with our favorite spots, seasonal events, promo codes, and more so sit back and relax.

Free Printable Guides

I’m so glad you’re still here. Grab one or both of these printable guides to finish your planning. The island overview cheat sheets are the most popular.