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Why Buy Our Itineraries?

Living in Hawaii, we’ve spent thousands of hours (and thousands of dollars) exploring and curating the best experiences. And now we’re sharing it with you. 

Don’t stress over the testing process

We walk you step by step through using an at-home test and completing the pre-travel testing program

Get to know the island before you visit

Watch the included video tour to see the different parts of the island and each excursion day so you can choose exactly what you want to do

Stop looking at outdated information

Things have changed. Our itineraries provide information for 2021 on what’s open and when

Save time (and money)

Stop searching for “the best _____”. Our itineraries include only the best stops, restaurants, and tours

Know when to make reservations

Our itineraries tell you how far in advance you should book, so you make sure you can get into the best spots

Have your dream vacation

A trip to Hawaii is a dream…and a big, expensive trip. We’ve done the research for you so you don’t leave with regrets.

Stop scrolling and start packing. These are more than just itineraries.

What’s included: 

Travel testing program video

A step-by-step video of the travel testing process — from ordering the test to receiving your OK from the state of Hawaii

Island overview video

Get to know the island and what to expect so you can pick out the excursion days that your Hawaii vacation dreams are made of

7+ full excursion days

Get out and explore with our excursion days, carefully crafted to help you experience the best sights, restaurants, and activities

Quick hits section

A list of our favorite restaurants, beaches, and snorkel spots so you don’t have to search for the perfect place to eat or beach to visit

Favorite tour operators

A small list of the best of the best tour operators to add to your Hawaii vacation plan

An itinerary fit for you

If you can’t or don’t want to do one of the stops listed in for the day, we provide you with an alternative.

How We’re Different

We don’t take this job lightly. We’ve spent the last year carefully vetting locations, determining optimal routes, and trying the best restaurants on the island so we could bring you the best of the best.

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What People Say About Us

Best Maui Hawaii Itinerary Reviews

You have just made my planning sooooo much easier!!!

Ginger S.

The itineraries were great and gave us many great ideas to plan our adventures each day! The were helpful in planning our 2 week vacation in Maui and Oahu. Thanks a million, we were very happy.

David B.

Just got back from 2 weeks in Hawaii, 5 days on the big island, your itineraries were wicked helpful I purchased all 3!

Alex E.

My husband and I are planning a trip to Maui and Oahu in March (one last hurrah before medical school) and we are in love with your videos. The quality of information and your fun sweet attitudes have us hooked.

Lauren D. 

Wanted to thank you guys for all of your advice, tips, and itineraries. Really helped make our trip to Maui extremely memorable.


I've been to Oahu well over a dozen times and never knew half of what you all cover. We are so thrilled.

Steve B.

Itinerary FAQs

What’s the best way to read this itinerary?
On your phone and on the go. We’ve made this simple to download to your phone. We’ve included links to directions, reservations, and more so you don’t have to search for them. But if you really don’t like to look at things digitally, you can print it and it’ll work just fine.
Is this just full of paid activities?
Nope. 80% of the excursion days are free activities or restaurants. We do mention some tours or sights with a paid entrance fee, but we keep those to a minimum (and only include the best).
Can you plan my trip for me?
We can’t. Purchasing an itinerary is the closest you’ll get to a trip that we’ve designed. But if you really want someone to plan everything and make bookings, we have recommended guides you can work with.
Does this itinerary work for groups?
Absolutely. But if you’re traveling with a larger group, we recommend making reservations even further in advance, just to make sure you have a chance to do everything you want to do.
I love your Youtube channel. Can’t I find all of this there?
Not really. You can find some things on the Youtube channel, but we share some places we haven’t shared before. And we put it together in a way that makes sense for your vacation. Easy to follow plans for the day with no backtracking.
Anything else I should know?

Small businesses and the local economy are hurting. We tried to highlight as many small businesses as we could, to get you naturally shopping and eating small. Come out with an appreciation for these beautiful islands and the people who live here, support local businesses, and tread lightly on the environment. You’re going to have a great time.