Haleakala Sunrise Guided Tour

Head up to Haleakala on this guided tour and catch the famous Haleakala sunrise without having to drive yourself at 3 am.


Summary: Visiting Haleakala Volcano is one of the top must do items on most visitors lists. And getting to see the sunrise is often an awe-inspiring bucket list experience. But you don’t have to drive yourself up the hill in the dark at 3 am. Hawaii Tours offers small group tours that take the stress out of getting a reservation and navigating your own way. 


Haleakala Guided Sunrise Tour

Quick details:

  • 9-10 hour trip
  • Picks up from hotels in central, south, and west Maui
  • Time to explore Haleakala overlooks after sunrise
  • Sunrise reservation is included


About the tour:

Enjoy a small group tour up to Haleakala. Your guide will pick you up from hotels in West, Central, and South Maui before making the long drive up Haleakala volcano. Yes, you need to wake up at 2 am, but you can catch some quick zzzz’s in the van’s captain chairs. 

Arrive at Haleakala summit an hour before sunrise to make sure you don’t miss the show. After sunrise, your guide will take you to various overlooks so you can enjoy the view in the sunlight. After spending time taking in the sights, take a trip down the mountain with a stop at Kula Lodge (a breakfast option is available). 

The tour operates year round, but there are different departure times based on varying sunrise times. 


About Hawaii Tours: 

Hawaii Tours has been operating tours through the Hawaiian Islands for more than 20 years. Between the founders, they have more than 100 years experience combined in the Hawaii tour business. They specialize is custom vacation packages providing as much or as little support as you need. Unlike many other tour agencies, they are locally owned and operated. You’re not going. to have an agent living thousands of miles away trying to book your dream Hawaii vacation for you.

Hawaii Tours is also committed to sustainable travel in Hawaii. You can read more about their company and tours on their website.


Visiting Haleakala at sunrise FAQs:

How cold is Haleakala at sunrise?

It’s cold. Very cold. Since you’re arriving before the sun is up, you’re visiting during the coldest part of the day. The temperatures can dip into the 30’s (yes, it does snow here occasionally). Be sure to bring a jacket, sweater, pants, and even a hat to make sure that your time waiting for and watching the sunrise is enjoyable. 

Can you do Haleakala sunrise on your own?

You can absolutely do Haleakala sunrise on your own. But be prepared for the pre-planning that is involved. You will need to secure a reservation for sunrise. Reservations are released 60 days in advance at 7 am HST. They often sell out within 15 minutes, so set your alarm! Another smaller set of reservations are released 2 days in advance. 

You’ll also want to make sure your car has plenty of gas and bring food and snacks. There aren’t any amenities once you’re within the park. And you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to get there well before sunrise and find a good spot. 

Is it better to go to Haleakala for sunrise or sunset?

There are pros and cons to both. The sunrise can be spectacular, but it can also be crowded and cloudy. The sunset is easier to do on your own, but it may not be as awe inspiring for some. Read more about how to choose whether Haleakala sunrise or sunset is better for you. 

Can you see Haleakala sunrise without a reservation? 

No, a reservation is required to enter the park between 3 am and 7 am. Don’t go up without one because you’ll be turned away at the gate (and very disappointed after having woken up at 2:30 am. 

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