Maui in September? Cheap Hotels and Great Weather Await You

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For two Maui locals, September is the best month to visit Maui. 

Maui in September is a way to enjoy the hot summer weather while taking advantage of steep discounts on hotel and vacation rental rates. September is also one of the driest months of the year on Maui. 

It is hard to find a reason not to go to Maui in September. Take advantage of the fall shoulder season if you can talk your boss into taking a week or more off in September. Take an early holiday, stay long after Labor Day, do whatever you can to get here in September.

Below is the data on weather, hotel rates, and things to do in September to further entice you to book a plane ticket.



Is September a Good Time to Go to Maui?

September, October, November are the trifecta months for visiting Maui. If not all of Hawaii. After Labor Day weekend (September 7th, 2020), Maui enters it’s fall slow-season. You will find the lowest hotel rates, vacation rental rates, and rental car rates of the year starting in September.

 If you are looking to save money while enjoying one of the hottest and driest months of the year, then visit Maui in September.

The best time to visit Maui is after Labor Day weekend in September. 

With around 200,000 monthly visitors in September compared to the average of 255,000, September has historically been the slowest month on Maui. That means you don’t have to book luaus weeks in advance, worry about waiting for a table or finding parking at your favorite snorkeling beach.

If you are single (FYI, Maui is the Best Hawaiian Island for Singles) or don’t have kids back in school, then hop on a plane for Maui. You won’t regret the vacation. 

Reasons to Go to Maui in September

✅ Hot, summer weather throughout September

✅ No Rain: one of the driest months of the year

✅ Vacation rental and hotel rates are the lowest of the year

✅ 80-degree ocean temperature

✅ Fewer families on the island if kids aren’t your thing

✅ No crowds: September has the fewest visitors of any month

✅ You can get into luaus with less than a 2-week notice

✅ Activities can be booked a couple of days in advance


Reasons Not to Go to Maui in September

❌ Hot weather: temperatures in West and South Maui can get in the 90s and humid

❌ Hurricane season is June through November, July through September are the highest risk months (FYI, a hurricane hasn’t hit Maui for over 100 years)

Is Maui Nice in September? Weather in September

Maui is gorgeous in September. Maui ignores Labor Day for the endless summer. The weather, beachcombers, and beach parties are still going strong deep into September. The kids go back to school but Maui keeps the party going. 

The average high is 86°F and the average low will be around 70°F in September.

One could argue that September is still too hot in Hawaii. With temperatures in the high 80s and high humidity, one needs to park themselves poolside or find a palm tree at the beach. Luckily, Maui Costco sells beach umbrellas and chairs. 

I enjoy the heat, but Lahaina (translates in Hawaiian to ‘cruel sun’) can feel like a frying pan at times in September. September is still cooler than July and August though.

What’s Maui weather like in September? Here are all the stats you need to know 

Maui Kaanapali Temperature September


Maui September Temperature Kihei Wailea Graph

Maui Hana Temperatures September

If you can’t stand the heat around the beach resorts in Wailea and Ka’anapali then head to Maui’s Upcountry for cooler, Alp-like summer weather for the day. 

You won’t find rain to cool you off in September. Average rainfall around South and West Maui resorts and condos is less than an 1” of rain for the whole month. Expect 12-hour days with non-stop sun. 

Maui September Rainfall Graph

The ocean temperature is still around its summer highs of 79 to 82.

Maui September Ocean Temperature Graph

Source: NOAA Mean Ocean Temperature



September Hurricane Season in Maui

Hurricane season for all of the Hawaiian islands is from June through November. July through September is the peak of the season. Based on past years, the worst-case scenario for your Maui September vacation will be high winds and rain. The chance of a direct hurricane hit is low.

A hurricane hasn’t directly hit Maui for over 100 years. Tropical Storm Olivia did hit Maui in September 2018 and caused some flooding and downed trees. 

“Close to Hawaii, dry air, cooler water, and wind shear combine to weaken approaching cyclones, dissipating them before they can become a significant threat,” say CNN meteorologists.

I wouldn’t let hurricane season persuade you against a September trip to Maui. The odds are in your favor for good weather. 

Consider it your last time to get a tan before winter comes to the mainland.

Maui in September weather


Where to Stay in Maui in September?

Since the temperature is warm and the rain is little, you have free range to pick where to stay in Maui. 

The two main resort areas of Ka’anapali and Wailea have the same temperature and rainfall in September. Weather shouldn’t be a factor in deciding which area to stay, but there are other considerations: Ka’anapali vs Wailea: Here’s How to Decide Where to Stay.

Maui Area Resorts Map


If you are looking for a cooler place to stay than consider a vacation rental on Maui’s North Shore around Paia, Upcountry Maui, or over in Hana. There are a few small hotels and B&Bs in those areas also.

Since your kids are back in school, consider escaping to the only adult-only hotel in Hawaii. The Wailea Hotel on Maui is for adults. Only adults. It is a relaxing place to stay in September. 



Is Maui Busy in September?

September is the slowest month of the year on Maui. Even with Labor Day weekend in September, the number of visitors to Maui falls off a cliff compared to August. 

Maui September Visitor Statistics Graph


Visiting Maui during the low-season doesn’t mean the island will be empty with shops shutdown. This is Hawaii, there is no off-season, just a slow-season. Visiting off-peak is a wonderful time to visit without the crowds. Why?

🍍 The two most popular luaus aren’t booked up months in advance

🍍 Activities will still be available for you to book last minute

🍍 You can find parking at most snorkel spots

🍍 You can get into restaurants and navigate around the grocery store without it being too crazy

A September vacation equals a relaxing Hawaiian getaway. Finish off your summer with a chill Maui vacation with your partner. 

Maui won’t be void of people, but the beaches will be extra empty and you’ll have more money in your pocket for activities and fine Hawaiian dining. Why? Because the hotel rates are the lowest of the year in September.



Is Maui Cheaper in September?

Temperatures are high in September but accommodation costs are dropping.

The biggest expense for a trip to Maui will be your accommodations. Hotels and vacation rentals on Maui are the most expensive in Hawaii. Maui is the 3rd most expensive sun and sea destination on the planet for hotel rooms. 

But September is here to save you. Hotel rates in September are the lowest of the year. Excluding Labor Day weekend, you can find some crazy good deals for hotels on Maui.

In 2019, the average hotel nightly rate was $319 for Maui. Compared to January and February at $434 and $420, respectively, that savings really adds up over a 7-day trip.

Hotel rates are higher in Wailea but you can save even more by staying in West Maui around Ka’anapali and Lahaina. 

Maui September Hotel Prices Graph

Source: Hawaii Tourism Authority Infrastructure Report 


Want to save more money on your September vacation? Stay at a vacation rental. September is one of the three cheapest months for vacation rentals. With an average rate of $228 a night in 2019, you can save a lot compared to a hotel. 

Surprisingly, Wailea and Kihei have the lowest vacation rental rates. The condos are not in the main resort area of Wailea but you still get the weather and quick drive to the great South Maui beaches and snorkeling spots. 


Maui September Vacation Rental Condo Prices Graph 2019

Source: Hawaii Tourism Authority Infrastructure Report 


Flights to Maui in September

Flying to Maui in September is not the cheapest time to go (spoiler: January and February are the cheapest months to fly). But you can still find deals, especially after Labor Day.

If you are looking to save money on your September in Maui vacation, this is what you can do:

🍍 Sign up for deal notifications via Hawaii’s budget carriers: Southwest, Alaskan Airlines, and Hawaiian Airlines

🍍 Follow our 5 Insider’s Tips to Getting a Cheap Ticket to Hawaii


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Things to Do on Maui in September

Get into the local groove during your September vacation to Maui. All the amazing ocean and adventure activities are available but there are some unique local festivals that are worth a visit. 

🍍Maui’s International Coastal Cleanup: Join fellow ocean lovers to clean-up Maui’s Po’olenalena Beach in South Maui. The event is sponsored by Hawaiian Paddle Sports. The first 50 volunteers receive a complimentary lunch.

🍍 La Ula: Breadfruit Day Maui Nui Botanical Gardens: September 5th is the 4th annual Breadfruit Day! This free community event will include food booths, breadfruit cooking demonstrations, Pacific ulu varieties for sale, Hawaiian plant sale, free cultural activities, Hawaiian music, and hula

🍍 Maui Ukulele Festival: September 27th is the 17th annual Ukulele Festival at the Maui Arts and Cultural Festival in Kahului (Central Maui). Sit out on the lawn to relax, enjoy Hawaiian plate lunches, and listen to classic Hawaiian ukulele music. 

Closing Arguments on Maui in September

Maui in September is your best month to visit Hawaii. October is a close second as it starts to cool off in West Maui. We love  Maui in September as the crowds have thinned and the weather is still wonderful. 

The summer truly never ends in Hawaii, starting in September.

Check out our tested and favorite activities on our Hawaii recommendations page. It will give you some ideas on things to do in Maui in September. Plus we have been able to get some discounts passed on to you.

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