Maui is known for its beautiful beaches and amazing snorkeling. But there’s another side to Maui you’ll want to make time to explore: it’s vibrant agriculture community. From farm-fresh produce to gourmet farm-to-table meals, enjoy local produce (and try something new!) on your trip to Maui. 

And watch our Maui Farm Tour video where you can see what to expect when visiting a farm on Maui:

Produce Farm Tours

Agriculture is the second largest industry on Maui, so dive into the local flavors with tropical fruit, fresh grown vegetables, or Maui coffee. 

1. O’o Farm Coffee Tour

Head upcountry for an immersive farm tour and farm to table experience with O’o Farm. Start your morning with a cup of their french press coffee and head out on your tour. You’ll then walk through the farm on their “seed to cup” tour, learning how a coffee seed is grown, harvested, and roasted into a cup of perfection. Once the tour is finished, you’ll head to outdoor dining tables for a healthy breakfast and coffee tasting. Water and coffee are included but you’re welcome to kick up the experience even more by bringing your own beverages (mimosas?). 

Learn more about their breakfast and coffee farm tour

2. O’o Farm Lunch Tour

O’o Farm offers a second, longer tour that focuses on the produce grown on the farm. This is the same produce that they supply to Pacific’o restaurant in Lahaina (one of our favorite spots for dinner and sunset). You’ll start the tour with a walk through the property, learning about the different produce grown on-site. You’ll then sit down for a multi-course gourmet lunch prepared by a chef. The leisurely lunch is truly special. Between each course the chef comes out to discuss what produce is being used to prepare each dish. And just like the coffee tour, you’re welcome to bring your own beverages, like a bottle of wine to enjoy with your meal.  

Book a spot on their gourmet lunch and farm tour

3. Ono Organic Farms

A family run tropical fruit and coffee farm, Ono Organic Farms in Hana offers daily tours. And this isn’t just a farm — this 50 acre farm is one of the largest tropical fruit farms in Hawaii. All of their produce is hand picked and you’ll see it sold at various places around Maui. 

On the tour, you’ll spend 90 minutes driving through the property stopping to learn about and sample the different fruits being grown. These are tropical and some exotic fruits, so there’s a good chance you’ll be sampling at least a few types of fruit you’ve never tried before. 

Learn more about Ono Organic Farms and book a tour

4. Maui Pineapple Tours

There are two pineapple plantations in the state of Hawaii and Maui is lucky enough to be home to one of them. On the tour, you’re guided through the entire operation, from growing pineapples through various stages to harvesting, and finally sorting and shipping. On the 1.5 hour tour, you’ll learn all the secrets: how to pick the best pineapple at the store, how to cut a perfect pineapple, and how to use a pineapple top to grow your own pineapples at home. 

There are plenty of pineapple samples and you’ll even head home with a boxed, airport-ready pineapple. Learn more and book the Maui Pineapple Tour here.

This tour makes an appearance as a stop on our Maui itinerary

5. Maui Dragon Fruit Farm

Take a walking tour of this dragon fruit farm located in the hills above Lahaina. You’ll eat plenty of fruit (yes, a lot of dragon fruit — they have 16 different varieties) as well as other fruits, depending on the season. The tour lasts 1 hour and at the end you’ll enjoy a box of fruit to take with you and you can also purchase a dragon fruit smoothie (YUM) or add on another activity, like ziplining or aquaball. 

Learn more and purchase tickets directly from Maui Dragon Fruit Farm

6. Punakea Palms (Coconut Farm Tour)

Ever wondered how a coconut tree produces coconuts that we then use the water, milk, and meat from? The Punakea Palms tour walks you through the entire process of this culturally important fruit. 

From a coconut tree growing out of a coconut (they don’t need to be planted in the ground right away…crazy!), to finally making coconut milk. Also located just above Lahaina, this is an easy tour to add onto a day of sightseeing. You’ll sample coconut water through various stages and head home with some freshly made coconut milk. 

Related read: this makes the list for our top things to do in Lahaina. Check out the full list. 

Learn more about touring Punakea Palms

7. Ku’ia Estate Chocolate

From farm to bar, take a tour that teaches you how chocolate is grown, farmed, and made into a delicious piece of food. The experience at Ku’ia is unique. You can start with a tour of their 20 acre farm, sampling cacao seeds directly from the tree. And you can visit their factory to do a full chocolate tasting, sampling different flavors and chocolate produced on Maui. 

We enjoyed a sneak peek of the farm tour as well as a full chocolate tasting, which you can watch in the video below:

Book a farm tour or chocolate tasting at Ku’ia Estate

8. Maui Nui Thai

We found this farm stand and tour by happy accident. We had heard whispers of the best Thai food truck in upcountry and we were so thrilled when we found ourselves there for lunch. But what we didn’t know before visiting was that it’s not just a food truck — it’s a farm. Behind the food truck is a 40 acre farm, where the ingredients used in the truck are sourced from. They also offer farmers market days and farm tours. 

Maui Farm Tour Nui Garden

Learn more about the farm and food truck at Maui Nui Thai

9. Kumu Farms and Maui Tropical Plantation

You don’t have to head all the way up to upcountry to enjoy a farm tour. Located in central Maui, Maui Tropical Plantation offers farm tours via a tram. This 45 minute tour takes you around the property where you can get a glimpse of different tropical plants and why they are culturally significant. They also make a stop to teach you about coconuts. 

Once the farm tram tour is over, you can head into the marketplace to purchase produce grown by Kumu Farms. They also offer coffee drinks from the local Oma Coffee Roasters and produce from local makers around the island. 

We enjoyed the farm tour but my favorite part was exploring the Kumu Farm shop and stocking up on the local goods. 

Visit Maui Tropical Plantation


10. Kula Country Farms

Visit pretty much any grocery store on Maui and you’ll find strawberries from Kula Country Farms. This upcountry farm and store are famous for their strawberry picking (February – June) as well as their fall pumpkin patch. They are located on the way up to Haleakala and make a perfect stop to stretch your legs before continuing your journey. 

Maui Farm Tours Kula Country Farms

Visit Kula Country Farms.

Did you know we have a full Maui travel guide dedicated to helping you plan your entire vacation? Get the best recommendations on where to stay, where to eat, what to do, and when to visit. 

Animal Farm Tours

Maui Farm Tours

11. Maui Bees

When our three year old son started asking us detailed questions about how bees make honey, we knew it was time for a visit to Maui Bees. Located on the sunny slope of Haleakala, Maui Bees offers farm tours, a delicious cafe (using produce grown on-site or locally), and a private dinner experience. You can visit the bee museum to watch bees flying into and out of a hive, walk the farm to understand how regenerative agriculture is improving the land and the food we eat, and see how the honey gets from hive to jar. 

We sampled the honey and took jars of both the winter and summer varieties home with us, which our son now eats by the spoonful.

Maui farm tours bees

Book a tour with Maui Bees. 

12. Surfing Goat Dairy

Another great stop for adults and kids is Surfing Goat Dairy. Walk the farm to learn about, pet, and feed the friendly goats and then hear about the process of how cheese is made. It’s an interactive and short tour where you’ll have fun feeding the goats and watching baby goats play. Then treat yourself to a sampling of their cheeses while you sit out on the farm and relax. They have tour options ranging from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours. 

Maui Farm Tours Surfing Goat Dairy

Book a tour with Surfing Goat Dairy

13. Maui Animal Farm

This is a fun activity for the kids. A visit to Maui Animal Farm will have them walking through and interacting with a number of different fun farm animals on the petting zoo tour. The tour starts out with a visit with some smaller animals — birds and bunnies. Then it moves onto some of the larger farm animals that you get to feed and learn about: pigs, goats, horses, tortoises, and more. 

Learn more and book with Maui Animal Farm

Alcoholic Beverage Farm Tours

Farm tours aren’t just reserved for animals and produce. These two farm tours offer locally crafted beverages and make for a fun stop or day out. 

Maui Farm Tour Ocean Vodka Distillery

Enjoying the view at Ocean Vodka Distillery

14. Ocean Vodka Organic Farm and Distillery

Right near Surfing Goat Dairy is an organic farm and vodka distillery. They offer 35 minute distillery tasting tours, which include learning about sugar cane and the process of producing their vodka. While this isn’t a normal farm tour, you can enjoy some of their produce grown on-site by visiting the farm cafe. Here you’ll have a selection of pizzas and salads to enjoy, with as many of the ingredients as possible sourced from their farm or locally. 

And possibly the best part? The view. Enjoy a sweeping view of central Maui and see the ocean on both sides. There is a large lawn for young ones to enjoy and plenty of chairs and picnic tables available to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful view. 

Book a distillery tasting tour with Ocean Vodka Organic Farm and Distillery

15. Maui Wine

Yes, there is a winery here on Maui. And yes, it is just as beautiful as you would expect. Located in Ulupalakua in upcountry, you’ll stop at a winery after an absolutely beautiful drive to get there. You’ll visit the winery with large gardens and beautiful views. And you can sample their wines, including their famous pineapple wine, made with Maui Gold Pineapples. The atmosphere is laid back — exactly what you would expect from a winery on Maui. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon.

Make tasting reservations with Maui Wine


Farm to Table Restaurants on Maui

If you can’t make it to a farm tour or you want to enjoy locally grown produce more than once on your vacation, these restaurants offer a farm to table menu which highlights locally grown food and supports local farmers. 

1. Merriman’s

This famous Hawaii restaurant was a pioneer in the farm to table movement. At least 90% of the ingredients are locally grown or caught using sustainable methods. On Maui the Merriman’s restaurant is located in Kapalua, but there are other locations on Kauai, the Big Island, and Oahu. 

Make a reservation at Merriman’s

2. Pacific’o

The farm tour isn’t your only chance to eat food from O’o Farm. Head to Pacific’o in Lahaina for an amazing sunset and an amazing farm to table meal. This made the list for one of our favorite restaurants in Lahaina and it’s easy to see why. 

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3. Hali’imaile General Store

The flagship restaurant from Chef Bev Gannon, this restaurant is located across from Maui Pineapple, making it a perfect stop for a farm to table meal after your pineapple farm tour. Open for over 30 years, it’s location in a historic building gives it charm and the fresh menu makes it a repeat destination for locals and visitors alike. 

Book a table at Hali’imaile General Store

4. Ulupalakua Ranch

This charming general store serves delicious burgers with meat sourced from their ranch. They’re also working to locally source as much of their produce as possible from local farms. It’s a perfect stop across the street from Maui Wine. 

Learn more about Ulupalakua Ranch and General Store

5. Fork & Salad

Striving to use as many locally sourced, organic ingredients as possible, this casual salad spot is fast, well-priced, and delicious. With two locations in Kahului and Kihei, you’ll probably pass by a Fork & Salad location during your trip. Our favorite is to place an order online when we land on Maui and pick it up as we leave the airport. A delicious way to come home! 

Explore the menu at Fork & Salad.

6. Wailea Kitchen

“This menu can survive if the boats stop coming to Maui.” That is the notice on their website and on their menus. A true testament to why farm to table is so important for an island community. This restaurant not only offers great food, but beautiful views. Learn more about Wailea Kitchen

7. The Market Maui

A great deli and market, this is a place to stop for sandwiches, salads, and coffee. Their ingredients are locally sourced, and include meats, cheeses, and produce. They also serve food from The Market Maui on one of our favorite snorkeling tours. We love the Market Maui!


Map of Maui Farm Tours


Planning a trip to Maui

If you’re planning a trip to Maui, be sure to check out our itineraries. These itineraries take you on a carefully planned route seeing different areas of the island while checking out the best sights, beaches, snorkeling spots, restaurants, and more, so you can make the most of your vacation days. 

Plus, each guide comes with a video overview of the island, so you can orient yourself, understand the geography, and catch a preview of what you’re going to experience on each excursion day. 

“We are here in Maui now and appreciate all the tips you gave us. We got your adventure guide and are thrilled with everything so far. Couldn’t have done Maui without it. Just saying, keep up to the good work!!” – Vince R. 

Make your planning easier and your vacation better with our itineraries.

Hawaii itineraries


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