65 Things to Do in Maui with Kids (By Age): Your Family Will Love Them

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Our toddler can’t and shouldn’t go parasailing in Maui. Yet we find parasailing on most Things to Do in Maui with Kids lists. Now that we call Maui our home, my wife Erica and I decided the internet deserved a proper Things to Do in Maui with Kids list that is actually helpful for parents. 

We moved to Maui because it is an ideal place for kids to have fun. The legendary Maui waters, sea animals, waterfalls, walks, and water sports are a playground for our growing son. Plus the culture. The diversity of the island held together with the spirit of aloha makes Maui an ideal place to go out and do something with your family. 

So, get skimming this massive list of things to do in Maui with kids.

We have done so many of these activities that we are professionals at finding the lowest cost ticket. See our 5-steps for finding discount tickets for these activities at the bottom.

Entertaining Your Kids in Maui

You may be sitting in your hotel room with kids who are tired of the hotel pool. Or you may be planning your trip. Whatever your situation, you need ideas to entertain your kids. 

You came to the right place. As Maui residents with a child, we feel you. The mind goes blank when the kids need some fun. Let our Things to Do in Maui With Kids list spark your creativity. 

We sorted this list of 65 activities based on the age of your children and the level of adventure. Use the table of contents to jump to the section or sections that you need ideas for things to do.

The ages are defined in the following four sections:

🍍 Infant and Baby – 0 to 12 months

🍍 Toddler – 12 months to 36 months

🍍 Child – 3 years to 12 years old

🍍 Teenager – 13 years to 18 years

We moved to Maui when our son, Henry, was 18 months old. Finding activities for an active 18-month-old was challenging. We had delusional plans of hikes, car trips like the Road to Hana, and checking out new restaurants. Henry wasn’t down for those activities. 

Every child is different. Some toddlers may love a car ride. They may be eager to climb into their car seat after the 6th stop, 3 hours into the Road to Hana drive.

Our Things to Do in Maui With Kids list is designed for parents who know their child’s curiosity and adventure level. The activities are in order of adventure. Therefore, we recommend looking in the section for your child’s age and then check out the activities before and after their age. Some adventurous activities may be suitable for your child or younger-geared activities may work better.

The activities are not in order of preference or recommendation, they are in order of age, mechanical skill, and thrill level.


Free Kids Activities in Maui

There is so much to do for free in Maui. We moved here for that reason. The outdoor activities are plentiful but also, there are free community and touristy activities. 

Free for kids or parents.

We list the price in each of our reviews so you don’t have to guess. You have kids looking for some fun right now, don’t waste your time clicking the link for a $50/person activity that you don’t plan to do.

🍍 32 activities are free for kids 2 and under.

🍍 20 activities are free for adults and kids.

🍍 33  activities are $30 or less for the family. 

Maui is an amazing place. Your children won’t be disappointed in any activity you choose. 

Tips for Activities With Kids in Maui

Here are some quick tips to make your things to do with kids more enjoyable.

🍍 Check the websites before you go as many require a reservation. Click the image for the activity website or for more information.

🍍 Look for discounts! Check out Groupon, HawaiiActivities.com, or book directly with the tour operator as some offer 10% to 20% off for booking online.

🍍 Pack water, snacks, and sunscreen for any activity.

🍍 Keiki means kids in Hawaiian

🍍 Locations are listed so you quickly know the difference between driving 50-minutes to Upcountry or down the road to Lahaina

🍍 Beach parking close to the beach, like the public parking lots, fills up fast. Try to get there before 10:30 am to get a spot.

🍍 Rush hour starts at 4:00 pm, plan to leave your activity before 3:30 to be on the safe side.

🍍 Rush hour is worst from the west side (Lahaina/Kaanapali area) going east to Kihei and Kahului. It is rarely bumper-to-bumper going east back to the west side.

🍍 Plan for a 30 to 40-minute drive if your activity is across the island. Download videos or have other things in the car to keep them entertained.

🍍 If you have a state ID, remember to ask for Kama’aina

Maui Areas Map The Hawaii Vacation Guide

Best Family Beaches on Maui

Maui has over 30 miles of beaches on its 120-mile coastline. Not all the beaches are safe for swimming, even for adults, like Makena Beach. 

Don’t worry, as every town or area of the island has a kid-friendly beach. They even call them “Baby’s Beach” to keep it simple. Baby Beaches are protected by the reef so there are only ripples for waves (unless windy or bad weather) and are one to three feet deep. They also don’t have Kiawe trees so the beach won’t be littered with thorns.

Launiupoko has a protected cove of rocks that makes it ideal for kids to splash in the ocean safely with their parents.

These beaches are the safest for families in Maui but always be cautious when in the ocean with your children. The ocean is unpredictable, even with a protected reef.

🍍 Ka’anapali Beach, West Maui

🍍 Kamaole Beach I, II, III in Kihei

🍍 Launiupoko Beach Park, West Side

🍍 Baby’s Beaches: Lahaina and Paia 

Map of Baby Beaches in Maui

There are other beaches and bays that are safe for kids but conditions can be more unpredictable. Growing up, Erica learned to snorkel in Napili Bay but we have seen 5-foot waves and a white-washed beach in that bay too.

Use your best judgment when in the ocean with kids.

Family Beaches Things to do With Kids Maui

Please read Maui County’s Ocean Safety Tips before stepping into the turquoise waters of Maui. 

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Things to Do in Maui With an Infant or Baby

We see so many infants in Maui on vacation with their parents. Maui is a great place to go with an infant as there are lots of beautiful walks, shady beaches, and restaurants. Ignore those nasty TripAdvisor forums

Our son visited 4 countries before he was 12-months old. We love to travel and so does he because airplanes are not scary. Traveling with him became more challenging once he could walk so enjoy those no-crawl or crawling days to soak up the sun, long walks in a stroller, and places to avoid the heat.


1. Beaches with Shade

Price: Free


🍍 Kihei: Kamaole III

🍍 West Side: Launipoko Beach Park, Puamana Beach, D.T. Fleming Beach Park

🍍 Wailea: Ulua/Mokapu Beach

Quick tips for shade: Go early for maximum morning shade and to get a spot in the shade. For more shade, buy a beach umbrella at Costco or check your condo rental as they usually have umbrellas available or left-over from past tenants.

Click the map for directions.

3. Shopping Centers for Strolling

Price: Free (if you don’t go shopping)

Locations: West and South Maui

A peaceful and entertaining place to go for a stroll are the outdoor shopping malls of Whalers Village and The Shops at Wailea in Kaanapali and Wailea respectively. On a hot summer day, these malls provide welcome relief from the heat. Journey into the art galleries, restaurants, and Hawaiian themed shops while being entertained with free hula, Polynesian shows, coconut husking, ukulele lessons, and other events.

5. Easy Hikes with a Stroller or Ergo-Baby

Price: ‘Iao Valley $5 for parking, Kapalua Coastal Trail Free

Location: ‘Iao Valley above Wailuku (Central Maui), Kapalua Coastal Trail in Napili (West Maui)

Craving some nature? Head to the ‘Iao Valley State Park (0.4-mile loop) or the Kapalua Coastal Trail (2-mile loop). Both trails pack in a lot to be seen in a short distance (waterfalls, lava, rivers, ocean views, etc). The paved or well-compacted gravel makes for an easy walk with an infant.

7. Resort Beach Walks

Price: Free

Location: Wailea (1.8-miles) and Kaanapali (2.6-miles)

A row of resorts in Maui was made to have an ocean boardwalk. Join the strollers, speed walkers, runners, and walks of shame along the paved boardwalk. Grab a coffee and set off at your leisure to enjoy the ocean views, beaches, and palm trees swaying.

9. Picnic with a View

Price: $30 for groceries

Location: Kula (Upcountry)

It may be too hot for your baby near the shore so head to 3,600 feet in upcountry Maui. Stop at the second cheapest supermarket in Maui Safeway on Haleakala Highway or the food trucks near Costco to pick up picnic food. Head to Keokea Park in Kula for a lovely picnic overlooking the valley and sea.

2. Tropical Express Tour

Price: 0-2 Yrs Old Free / $24 Adult

Location: Wailuku (Central Maui)

Maui Tropical Plantation is a lush landscape to walk around with your baby in a stroller for FREE. For a little adventure and movement, take a ride on the Tropical Express Tour. An electrical “train” with passenger trailers does a 40-minute loop through the tropical plantation with a coconut husking demonstration and fruit tasting.

4. Historical Towns for Walking

Price: Free

Location: West and Upcountry Maui 

Grab the stroller and take a walk through the historical Maui towns of Lahaina on the westside or Makawao in upcountry. Lahaina was the capital city of the Kingdom of Hawaii and a whaling village. Makawao is famous for its cowboys. Both have old main streets that are worth walking with the baby in tow.

6. Penguin Feeding

Price: Free

Location: Kaanapali at the Hyatt Regency Atrium Lobby

Seven resident penguins waddle and swim to the delight of children every morning as they come out for breakfast at 9:30 am. Come watch and feed the koi fish afterward.

8. Coffee Shops with Maui Vibes

Price: $4 to $5.50 12 oz. latte (example)

🍍 Mauigrown Coffee Co. Store in Lahaina

🍍 CafeCafe in Lahaina

🍍 Grandma’s Coffee House in Kula

🍍 Paia Bay Coffee in Paia

Relax with the young one at a very Hawaiian coffee shop. Grab breakfast while you are at it and enjoy the local scene and fresh, Maui roasted coffee.

10. Baby's Beach

Price: Free

🍍 Paia: Baby’s Beach at Baldwin Beach (protected lagoon)

🍍 Lahaina: Baby’s Beach

🍍 South of Laiana: Launiupoko Beach Park (protected lagoon)

These beaches have protected lagoons or are protected by a reef, all with shallow water. They are ideal for holding your baby and dipping their legs in the water. Remember to never turn your back on the ocean.

Things to Do in Maui With Toddlers 

A lot happens in a toddler’s life between 12 and 36 months. Henry arrived in Maui at 18-months-old running and no longer willing to be indoors. If your toddler is similar, you are looking for open land or things to keep them engaged in 10-second increments. 

Every toddler is different but we like to think this list covers the developmental activities your child (aka, you) would appreciate after flying for 5 to 10 hours to Maui with a toddler.

11. Maui Ocean Center, Hawaii Aquarium

Price: Free for toddlers, $19.95 ages 4-12, $29.95 ages 13+

Location: Maalaea Harbor (close to Kihei)

Sharks, turtles, penguins, playgrounds, and more all in the largest reef aquarium in the Western Hemisphere. There is a lot to touch, see, and explore for the kids and then celebrate with a good happy hour at the aquarium’s restaurant. We come here weekly with our toddler.

Things to do Kids Maui Leoda's Pie Shop

13. Eat Pie at Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop

Price: $7.50 per pie

Location: Olowalu (West Maui)

Treat your little one to a sweet or savory pie after a long day of Maui fun. Leoda’s is famous for their personal-sized pies like mac nut chocolate, banana cream, pineapple mac nut, and coconut cream. Pick a couple up at the counter and enjoy inside our outside. We enjoy breakfast at Leoda’s. Pro Tip: call ahead to place your order to avoid the line.

15. Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm

Price: Free for 12 and under, $3 per adult

Location: Kula (Upcountry)

We were hesitant about this one at first but really enjoyed it. Henry loved running around the lavender and other tropical gardens. The whole family enjoyed the views, the flowers, and having scones and lavender tea in the gift shop. When in upcountry, this is worth a stop.

17. Maui Wine and Ulupalakua Ranch Store

Price: Free tours, Tasting flights $12 to $16

Location: Kula (Upcountry)

Yes, we take our son wine tasting. But to be honest, you can skip the tasting to enjoy a free tour. We played corn hole with our toddler and ran around the gardens. The best part is the food across the street at the famous ranch store. We grabbed sandwiches and ice cream from the famous farm-to-table Ulupalakua Ranch Store.

19. Dole Whip

Price: $4.50 to $6.50 for a float

Location: across the island

Shave Ice is an island treat but Dole Whip is what my family craves. Most tourist areas and ABC Stores serve up Dole Whip. Toddlers who like ice cream will probably enjoy Dole Whip. Get it in a float or in a pineapple for something special. 

12. Maui Tropical Plantation

Price: Free

Location: Wailuku (Central Maui)

Our toddler loves to run through the tropical gardens while we sip our coffee and learn about sugar cane and pineapple farming. There is no entrance fee to explore the grounds but you may opt to spend $5 to feed the ducks and get some snacks and coffee for yourselves.

14. Lahaina Banyan Court Park

Price: Free

Location: Lahaina (West Maui)

I love this tree. Covering 2-acres and with 16 trunks, it is the largest banyan tree in the country. Run around under the shade, let your imagination let go, tour the local events like art and music shows, and then check out Lahaina’s historic courthouse for its art gallery and free Lahaina Heritage Museum. Your toddler will love it too.

16. ‘Iao Valley State Park

Price: $5 for parking

Location: Wailuku (Central Maui)

This park is so much more than an easy 0.4-mile hike. Drive-up Wailuku’s Main Street right into a lush, tropical valley. The road ends at the state park and the adventure begins. Our toddler took great pride to climb the 180 steps to the observation deck and then back down to the river past waterfalls. It is worth the journey.

18. Food Truck Parks

Price: $12 to $18 per adult plate

Location: Food truck parks in Lahaina, Kihei, and Near Costco

Food truck connoisseur is my new title since I moved to Maui. I love their island grindz and low cost, delicious food selection.  When going to a sitdown restaurant becomes a lot to handle with a toddler, a food truck park is a way to get food for everyone while letting the kids run and play amongst the picnic tables. Check out our guide to Maui food trucks and go to a park.

20. Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center

Price: Free

Location: Makawao (Upcountry)

A mansion perched on Haleakala has been a visual arts center since 1937. Your toddler will enjoy running around the gardens while you can enjoy the art exhibits and a free walking tour. We went during a special kids event where Henry could express his artistic side. Check the calendar to see what is going on but worth a trip just for the gardens and history.

21. Maui Animal Farm

Price: Free 0-2 years, $20 3-12 years, $25 13+ years 

Location: Lahaina (West Maui)

We met Tonka, a 140-pound tortoise who may own the place, unclear. Heidi, our guide, charmed us with stories of her animal’s lives, facts, and how they live, eat, and are cared for at her farm. Henry enjoyed cooling down the Kune Kune Pig named Hau’oli as much as feeding the animals. Well worth a trip up the hill. 

Things to Do in Maui With Kids

Maui is an ideal vacation spot for kids. They would enjoy everything listed before this section plus these 26 things to do with kids. 

While we picked out the best activities for 36-months-old to 12-year-old children, the sweet spot for more adventurous activities is 5+. Those are listed toward the end of the list. Bring sunscreen and water and enjoy these things to do in Maui with kids!

22. Surfing Goat Dairy

Price: Free ages 0-2, $10 ages 3-11, $15 ages 12+

Location: Kula (Upcountry)

Lush green pastures on the side of Haleakala volcano awaits a goat farm to explore. The 30-minute casual tour (price is shown) is a walking tour of a working goat cheese farm. Your child will enjoy petting, feeding, and learn how goats are milked. Herd the goats, try hand milking, and cheese tasting with the grand tour starting at $39 for kids.

24. Leilani Farm Sanctuary

Price: $30

Location: Haiku (North Shore)

Restriction: 7-years-old minimum age

Get all hands-on some rescued and loving cows, pigs, ducks, goats, chickens, tortoise, and more on 8-acres of a tropical farm. Hear the animals’ stories and learn about the land from the loving caretaker, Laurelee. Tours are on Mon, Wed, and Sat. Email ahead to reserve a spot.

26. Punakea Palms Coconut Farm

Price: $39 ages 5-12, $49 ages 13+

Location: Lahaina (West Maui)

Support coconut awareness by visiting a coconut farm. I didn’t know they needed awareness but this farm was fascinating, beautiful and Henry loved sipping fresh coconut milk. Learn plantation farming, husking, and the coconuts iconic status in Hawaiian culture in 2-hours. Plus, take home some coconuts.

28. Atlantis Submarine

Price: $48 36-inches to age 12, $124 ages 13+

Location: Lahaina (West Maui)

Restriction: 36-inch height minimum

Sink 125 feet below the surface to inspect a sunken ship teeming with marine life. As a grown man, the allure of a submarine is strong. While your child may not be old enough to snorkel, the Maui Ocean Center and the Atlantis Submarine will plunge them underwater into tropical reefs during their stay.

30. Tour of the Stars

Price: Free

Location: Ka’anapali (West Maui)

Hawaii is one of the best places to stargaze. Take the opportunity to take your kids to the 9th floor of the Hyatt Regency to look through a 16-inch reflector telescope. The rooftop astronomy program is nightly at 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm.

32. Kula Country Farm Strawberry Picking

Price: Free Entrance

Location: Kula (Upcountry)

While in upcountry, stop by Kula Country Farm to pick some strawberries and sample local produce. The farm offers amazing views for you and plenty of space for your kids to run around the strawberry patch. The family operator knows how to keep kids engaged with a play area and farm animals. We did the pumpkin patch around Halloween and will be going back next year.

34. Hawaii Mermaid Adventures

Price: $139 per person

Location: Makena (South Maui)

Restrictions: Confident swimmer, minimum of 50 lbs., and a minimum shoe size of 1-4

Wondering where those mermaids in your Instagram feed are coming from? Well, we caught them. Have your child transform into a mermaid in an undersea paradise. With trained lifeguards as instructors, your child can swim with a mono tail and learn about the marine life they are experiencing as one of them. I appreciate the company’s mission of spreading ocean awareness to the new mermaids.

Photo credit: Hawaii Mermaid Adventures.

36. Maui Treasure Hunt

Price: Free 0 – 4, $119 ages 5+

Restrictions: Children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult, best suited for kids aged 5+

Location: Kahului (Central Maui)

An outdoor adventure filled with swimming in a lagoon, 2-mile jungle hike, and find treasure along the way. Your kids will use a map to find treasure, designed for the whole family to have fun over the 3-hour adventure.

38. Whale Watching

Price: Free ages 0-4, $35 ages 5-12, $55 ages 13+

Location: Lahaina (West Maui) and Maalaea Harbor (Central Maui)

Locals line the beaches and cliffs during whale season from mid-December to mid-April. Your kids will be ecstatic when they see a whale breach the surface. It gets me every time. Try a larger ship or catamaran as they will have more space to explore and they have kids activities to keep them engaged, like headphones to listen below the surface. Check out Hawaii Activities to shop for the best deals and selection of operators.

40. Horseback Riding

Price: $135 to $150

Restriction: Ages 7 and up

Location: Across the island

Take your kids on a morning (recommended as it gets hot!) or afternoon ride in the West Maui Mountains or in Upcountry. Experience the rich Hawaii cowboy culture first hand and the views.

🍍 Lahaina Stables in Lahaina (West Maui)

🍍 Maui Mountain Activities in Wailuku (Central Maui)

42. Mr. Shims Coffee Plantation

Price: $35/person

Location: Kula (Upcountry)

A one-man operated farm, Shim Farm sits at 3,500 feet near Kula’s rustic Chinatown area. Enjoy a personalized 1.5-hour walking tour from the 88-year-old Mr. Shim himself on growing coffee and the history of the upcountry Chinese community. It is the most authentic coffee tour you will find in Maui.

44. Glass Blowing Lesson

Price: $150 for 1 piece

Location: Lahaina (West Maui)

Restriction: minimum age of 5 years-old

Have your child make their own Maui souvenir in a 3,100-degree oven. The whole family can participate in making hand-blown glass with a private lesson.

46. Hotel Kids Clubs

Price: Free (included in the resort fee)

Location: Fairmont Kea Lani (South Maui) and The Westin Ka’anapli (West Maui)

Restrictions: ages 5-12

Keep the kids entertained with professional help. Two Maui hotels offer kids clubs for their residents. Counselors have bags of ocean and Hawaiian themed activities for the indoors and outdoors. Some other resorts offer kids activities or daycare but they come with an additional fee so check the fine print.

23. Maui Playgrounds

Price: Free

Location: across the island

Sometimes you just gotta go swinging. Click for a list of all the Maui playgrounds, and the ones with swings, to find one in your neck of the woods. We have found them to be well maintained and clean for our toddler to play.

25. Kula Botanical Gardens

Price: Free ages 0-5, $3 ages 6-12, $10 ages 13+

Location: Kula (Upcountry)

Your child can run through a covered bridge and see waterfalls, a koi pond, and a carved tiki exhibit. This family-operated garden has been painstakingly caring for this garden since 1968. While feeling a bit worn in places, the native Nene and chameleon exhibit will wow your kids.

27. Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum

Price: Free ages 0-5, $2 ages 6-12, $7 ages 13+

Location: Puunene (Central Maui)

180 years of sugar farming ended a few years ago but the culture and history of the sugar plantations continues on Maui. Your child can touch, feel, and see the old equipment and tractors in the outdoor exhibits. The indoor exhibits are less on touching and more on reading. The museum is a quick and informative stop on the way to Upcountry.

29. Outrigger Canoe Tour

Price: $89 ages 5+

Location: West and South Maui

This is an adventure. Enjoy the water safely while your kids learn to navigate the waves as they captain an outrigger canoe. They will not forget their paddle experience on Maui. Most tours are paired with snorkeling, whale watching, or cultural and turtle tours. 

🍍 Hawaiian Outrigger Experience in Wailea

🍍 Ali’i Maui Outrigger in Ka’anapali

31. Maui Pineapple Tour

Price: $55 ages 2-12, $65 ages 13+

Location: Makawao (Upcountry)

Restriction: Ages 2+ 

Hop aboard a shuttle to tour a working Maui Gold pineapple farm. Don’t worry, over half the 1.5-hour tour is off the shuttle as you walk the fields, sample pineapple, and learn how it is farmed. Kids get red-sand on their hands and learn about their favorite Maui fruit. Parents can add-on a vodka distillery tour.

33. Molokini Crater Snorkel Tour

Price: Free ages 0-2 years, $110 ages 3-12, $150 ages 13+

Location: Maalaea Harbor (Central Maui)
The calm waters of Molokini Crater are a wonderful place to take children snorkeling. See sea turtles, reef fish, and most likely whales on the journey out during the winter months. Lanai has a more vibrant marine life but Molokini provides reliably calm waters. Shop around for the boat and price that is best for your family at Hawaii Activities.

35. Haleakala National Park

Price: $30 per private vehicle

Location: East Maui

Every child should see the lunar landscape of a volcano. Drive to 10,023 feet to witness the Haleakala crater. Choose to go on a light hike or mill around the visitor center. Your pass is good for 3 days so use it on the Road to Hana if you stop at Seven Sacred Pools (The Pools of ‘Oheo). Your kids and wallet will love you forever.

37. Safe Snorkeling Beaches

Price: $10 for snorkel gear

Location: South and West Maui

Go to the calmest bays and lagoons in Maui to teach your kids how to snorkel. Read our Swim Without Fear: The Safest Places to Snorkel for places to go and snorkel safety in Maui waters.

39. Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles at Ho’okipa Beach Park

Price: Free

Location: Paia (North Shore)

Visit the famous beach to see large Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles sunbathing on the sand. They are present every time we go. They are big so your kids won’t mind staying a respectful 30 feet away. Best to go when the waves aren’t too big as Ho’okipa is home to two Maui surf competitions so the waves can get intense during the winter.

41. Hike Twin Falls

Price: Free 

Location: Haiku (North Maui)

A perfect hike for kids as it is 1.5 miles on a well-traveled trail through a well-cared-for jungle that ends in an amazing waterfall and swimming hole. Don’t let a packed parking lot scare you off, this hike and waterfall are worth the trip. Have lunch at the local food stand as it is one of the best on the Road to Hana. There are more waterfalls up the streams but closed-toe shoes are required. Respect private property and heed the signs when there is rushing water.

things to do kids Maui Make Leis Workshop

43. Make leis at Haku Maui

Price: $28 and up

Location: Makawao (Upcountry)

Makawao is worth a visit to see the cowboy town, go to The Maui Cookie Lady, and then make a lei next door at Haku Maui. That is right, make authentic Hawaiian leis in different sizes in a lei workshop.

45. Island Art Party

Price: $59 per person

Location: Kihei (South Maui)

Restriction: Ages 8+

Put on an apron and explore your child’s creative side in an art class. Paint the Hawaiian themed scene of the day during the 2 – 4:30 pm family class. Step-by-step instructions will make the painting process enjoyable for any age.

Things to Do in Maui with Teenagers

I’ve heard traveling with teenagers can be a love-hate relationship. In the young years, they love being with you and then a line is crossed when they don’t know why they got dragged to an island paradise. 

Keep them entertained and thankful for having you in their lives with these more adventurous and unique Maui activities for teenagers.

Besides the hikes, these are mostly guided tours. They will not be free but you can find good deals on their websites or price compare at Hawaii Activities.

47. Rappel Maui

48. Circumnavigate Lanai by Raft

49. Road to Hana

50. Surf Lessons

51. Kitesurfing Lessons

52. Skyline Eco-Adventures Zipline

53. Chartered 34-foot Sailboat

Maui Adventure Tour GungHo Sailing

54. Old Lahaina Luau

55. Bailey House Museum

56. Sunset Cruise

57. Whale Watching by Raft

58. Windsurfing Lessons

59. Parasailing

60. Maui Escape Rooms

61. Sunset at the Summit of Haleakala (no reservation required)

62. Nakalele Blowhole in Northwest Maui (exercise caution and pay attention to signs!)

Pukalani Blow Hole Maui Activities for Teenagers

63. Hike the Lava Fields at La Perouse Bay

64. Hike Waihee Ridge Trail

65. Lunch Tour at O’o Farms

Find The Best Price for Your Kid’s Activities

No one wants to pay the sticker price for activities. Erica and I have done most of this list and the remainder will be done to keep our son entertained. Plus we love these Maui things to do. 

The island is full of adventure so let’s make your dollars go as far as possible. 

Even if there is a local discount, we follow this five-step strategy to find the biggest discount. 

  1. Identify your activity
  2. Look on Groupon for a coupon (mostly for food, zipline, and snorkeling tours)
  3. Check the operator’s website, not a third party, to see their price. They sometimes offer 10% off for online booking. 
  4. Go to comparison websites to confirm the lowest price to the operator. Sometimes the third party sites get bulk discounts or have special rates to clear inventory. 
  • TripAdvisor
  • Hawaii Activities
  • Discount Hawaii

      5. Buy the cheapest ticket. 

The listed third party sites are well regarded per crowd-sourced reviews. We have used them also and never had an issue with poor communication on cancellations, tickets not valid, or other problems.

Enjoy your activities with your kids. Erica and I will keep updating this list as we go back again or do new things with our toddler. Contact us if you find a new activity for our epic Things To Do in Maui with Kids list. 

Always, with Aloha. 

Maui Things to Do for Kids List

Jordan Fromholz

Jordan Fromholz


I'm the co-founder, with my wife Erica, of The Hawaii Vacation Guide. We live on Maui with our toddler Henry and our sweet but quirky dog Hattie. I have a thing for photographing pineapples and learning to surf.

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Maui Pineapple Tour

Maui Gold Pineapple Farm & Factory Tour Tour one of the only two pineapple farms in America. Welcome to Maui’s Pineapple Plantation, home to Maui Gold Pineapples. So much sweeter than Dole Pineapples! PINEAPPLE TOUR SUMMARY Pineapple Plantation Tour in...

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